Mama Needs a New Pair of Shoes

I need shoes.   I really do.

Yesterday, I made the mistake of lining up my running shoes as I wanted to see the brands.  I only have 4 pair and two of them are actually over a year old.  I put A LOT of miles on my shoes.   (ok, not compared to some, but for me a lot).

Dear Hubby saw the shoes and even asked, “What do you buy a new pair a month?”

I had to explain that I don’t and that I just keep my old ones.   Now, I could easily buy a pair a month, but I do have some restraint.  Now that being said, I did just buy a pair last month.   I don’t like them.   I still continue to battle foot pain with them.   They really haven’t helped the way I thought they would.   Now to top it off they squeak.   NO, I am not kidding!    It’s not just me either.   My running partners heard it yesterday too.    I think I might need a new pair of shoes.

Now as to why they squeak, last week I went to go for 7 mile interval training.   Grabbed my stuff and headed out the door only to realize that I left not just my headphones at home, but also my socks.   I thought, “how bad could it be?”    I also knew that if I returned home without getting my run in that was it.    I wouldn’t get it in.   So, I ran.   It sucked, but I got it done.   By the time I was done, I had blisters and ended up walking my cool down with shoes in hand.  I’m sure I looked so sassy.    Since then, my shoes squeak.   I may have to powder them, but I can’t keep running in them.   To be honest I don’t think they are the right shoes for my feet anyway.   I wonder if Dear Hubby can understand that.

Although, I guess I should be glad that he only saw how many pairs of sneakers I have and not how many pairs of boots!

So how many pair of running shoes to you have hiding in your closet?

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