18 Days and Counting!

I got two wake up calls today when checking my email.   The first email was from my Tri-Woman group listing upcoming events counting down to the Iron Girl Sprint which is in 18 days!   I’ve been so focused on my Hat Trick that I’ve let off the gas a little on my Tri training except, of course, for the running.   I haven’t stopped, just slowed down.   I think it might be time to pick up the training pace.   That is after today’s rest day.

Then I got another email.   This one from Runner’s World there is only 8 weeks till that event too!!   Ahhhhhhh.   I was so focused on getting the kids ready for school I wasn’t paying attention to how quickly these things were coming.   Although, 8 weeks is a lot longer to prepare than 18 days.

At this point, I have to go with one of my favorite catch phrases,

“It is what it is.”

I am as ready as I can be fro my Tri.   I’ve done the swim lessons all year at the local YMCA.   Swim lessons that will pick up once the kids are back in school. (As a side note, I think every adult who only learned to swim at their Grammy’s pool should take swim lessons.   It’s amazing to realize that you’ve been doing it all wrong your entire life).

I’ve put my miles in on my bike.   I’ve obviously been putting in the running miles.   I’m so thankful that I had the NJ State Tri in July because it kept me motivated.   The problem was that afterwards, I may have lost some of that Mojo.   I’m going to find it though.   I can’t back down now.

Last year when I did the Iron Gril Triathlon.   I did it with a bunch of friends who became better friends   We had a GREAT time.   On the way there at 4:30 in the morning, we were blasting Katy Perry’s song Roar.  We claimed it as our theme song.


  We were all nervous and excited as we were all in in for the first time.    This is one of the reasons it was such a great day.   When it was time to sign up again, a few of us did right away.   How could we not after the thrill of it.


When it came time to get ready and train.

I was the only one excited.

They wanted to back out.   They thought once might just be enough and Lisa had already done three so she was good.   They didn’t drink the kool-aid like I did.  I talked three of them into creating a relay team instead of doing it as an individual.   This way they could all participate and not feel the pressure of training for the whole thing.      Once they realized that they could all just do a portion of it, they were on board!!   They decided to name their team, “Christine Made Us do it.”     I pointed out that I was not making them do anything.   I was just that little nagging voice inside them that was telling them they could do it if they tried.

So now in 18 days, we are going to roar again.

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