How Slow Can You Go?


Today was my long run.   The whole goal of the run was to run on tired legs after running 4 miles on Friday and 6 yesterday at “Half Marathon” pace (still working that one out).   Then today, I was in for the long haul.   Running 9 miles.   The catch for today was to run at 2 to 3 minutes slower than I normally run.   Seems easy enough until you get out there.   I by no means consider myself a fast runner.   Not saying that there aren’t times when I don’t have a good pace, but I am not a fast runner.   But intentionally slowing yourself down is a whole different thing.

For my goal pace today, I was guestimating  to run about 12 minute miles.   I ended up with an overall average pace of 11:11.   That got me thinking, how slow should I go.   I don’t know what my goal pace for my half should be.   Yes, I did a half with a great time of 2:09:24, but I’m not sure that that wasn’t just a fluke.   Plus the day I’m running this half that I’m training for is the day after running both a 5K and 10K.    So how am I supposed to know what I should pick as my goal pace?   I keep thinking, I should pick a pace that will keep me under 2:30.   Honestly, though as long as I can finish all three races my time doesn’t matter.   Ok, maybe a little:)

I’ve go to learn for me to set the pace.   Control the run.   I’m getting better, but it’s a new concept for me.  Hopefully, as I follow this training plan I can master controlling my pace.  You wouldn’t think it would be hard to run slower than normal, but it actually goes against the grain.   When you’re out on the road and your feet are hitting the pavement, your instinct is just to go with it.   I don’t mean going at an all our sprint, but just to push it a little.   I’ve got to learn how to control the run or I won’t be finishing anything.

I never thought of running as a mental sport.   That is until I started running.


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