Go Big! Go Bold. Part 2

For the most part, I am a solitary runner.   Not to say that every run is alone, but more than not I am on my own.   Now don’t feel sorry for me, I really do enjoy the peace and quiet.   As a mother of three boys, I don’t get a lot of quiet time.   My runs are time not to have to think about anything if I choose not to.   Most of the time, my only thought is just to breath, keep my shoulders down, and keep my feet moving.  You know what, I love it.   I love putting my music on and heading out the door.   I love not to have to think about anything.    It is a wonderful feeling to shut off your mind and clear the cob webs.

That being said, I am not a hermit and I do have some lovely ladies that I occasionally run with too.   These runs are different, but a good different.   It usually is more about chatting the miles away.    These runs are about building friendships, keeping each other motivated, and what ever get us through the runs.   These types of runs are also important as they do help keep the motivation up.   Usually you end up talking about what your run schedule is, what your next event is, and how things are working.    As a newbie, I’ve learned so much.

Now today, I got to run with a group.   It’s a Mom’s running group,Mom’s Run This Town (MRTT).   This was not just a normal weekend run.   We had a starting and finish line, clock, goodie bags, and even a medal.   So fun.   So different!   So inspiring!  A 10K, but without the pressure of a normal race.    These runs and this group are just as important.   I honestly, do not think if I had not been added to this group by a friend that I would be as motivated as I am today.   This group is filled with woman of different running levels that come together to support each other.   That cheer each other on.   That give advice when asked and are not only willing but happy to share their knowledge with you.   So lucky to have found them.


When I first started on my path to train for my first Triathlon in 2013, I wrote a post Go Big or Go Home.   I was just starting my training and didn’t run that day because it was raining and I didn’t want to start on a rainy day.   I’ve run in the rain now.   I’ve run in very cold weather.   I’ve also run in really hot weather.   Not much stops me now.   My sister commented on this post and I thought she was insane and I told her so.

Jen said, “You will get addicted. You will sign up for another race that very day. Mark my words. Is it crazy? Yes. But why break the family trend. I trained for a 13.2 mile half marathon in 6 weeks, when I’d never run more than a mile. It’s mental. In more way than one, but can be done. PROUD OF YOU!!!”

Ok, I admit it.   She was right.   In 2014 I plan to complete at least 2 Triathlons, 2 Half Marathons, 2 10K’s, a bunch of 5K’s.   In this list of races I include my Hat Trick.    I drank the Kool-aid.   I am addicted.    I plan to add more in 2015.   I am the insane one.

I ended my previous post wondering what was going to keep me motivated when it was all over.   I never imagined that I would continue.   But I don’t think I would be where I am today in my training and in my races without the MRTT group.   I never would have had the courage to think I could run a Half Marathon.  There is something to be said to surround yourself with like minded people.   People who will encourage you to push your limits because they are also pushing theirs.

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