Which Way is up?

Until recently, I’ve never even heard of a Bosu and then when I did,  I still didnt’ know what it was.   I walked past a class where people were jumping on a half a ball.   Looked strange.   One of my friends said it was intense and that we should try it.    Ok…….

Oh my God!!!   Intense was not the word.    I don’t think I sweated as much in any of the bootcamps or spin classes that I have taken since I started working out.    Wow!!   Intense really does not begin to describe a Bosu class.   Imagine bouncing on a ball while doing squats, lunges, and other things the instructor throws at you.   If you ever get a chance to take the class and don’t have a heart condition, take it.

I found out that BOSU stands for Both Sides Up.   It makes sense because the BOSU ball is really a half of ball that you can use either way.   Both ways hurt is what I do know!

Here is a small example I found online to demonstrate what a Bosu is…..

Looks like fun, doesn’t it?    I will say that as far as “fun” exercises go, this one really is one of the better one:)

Live, Laugh, Love

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