Sometimes You Just have to Say…..

To quote a famous movie, sometimes you really do have to say what the heck.    Today is one of those days!    I have been really good.   I’ve been going to they gym on a regular basis and really been a good girl.    But today I need a day off.    I need to recharge himself and I also need to take care of myself other than training. This is just as important as the training.    

Today instead of getting up pulling my hair back into a ponytail and putting on  my gym clothes, I actually showed, put on some makeup, and did my hair.   My kids didn’t know what to think.    They looked at me like I had two heads and wanted to know where I was going.    I took this as a good sign.   This means that I’ve been going to the workout enough that it has become part of the family routine.     Yeah me!!

So today instead of working up a sweat, I am going to work on getting my feet pretty.   I’m meeting a friend for coffee and a spa pedicure.    My feet have been taking a beating with all this training.    And if I expect them to carry me across the finish line, I better plan on taking care of them.    Besides, I so need a pedicure!!!

Live, Laugh, Love

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