Putting on My Rose Colored Glasses

Now, I know that people run marathons, Triathlons, and everything in between for a variety of reasons.   Some do it for the accomplishment.  Some do it for the competitive nature even if they are only competing against themselves.   Some do it, like me, just to say that they did it.  And when I get my medal for crossing the finish line, I just might wear it all the time:)

I also think that some races are more competetive in nature.   Now I’m not saying that the one I’m doing isn’t competetive because I’m sure it is.   But the people that I’m meeting right now seem to be just as much a cheedleaders for other racers as themselves.   Why do I say that you ask?    I will, of course, share it with you.

Tonight, there was an open swim night for women in the Iron Girl (formally Danskin) Triathlon.   My girlfriend and I have decided that we are most worried about the swim and are going to attend as many of them as we can squeeze in.   We go.   We meet another girlfriend there who is not a strong swimmer.   Now I may not be swimming with proper form, do not keep my head low enough, and use too much energy when swimming; but I am a strong swimmer.   I am not afraid of the water. Fingers crossed that actually makes a difference.

We go and get in the pool.   Another woman whom we don’t know comes and joins our lane.  She is even more afraid stating that she hasn’t swum in years.   So we try and give her the pointers that we were given and we all go about our business.   About a half an hour goes by.   We keep checking in with each other.   Commenting.   Giving feedback to each other and encouragement.

The next lane over has a group of swimmers who are doing it right.   Head in the right position.   Looking like they are just gliding through the water not chopping it up like our group.   We strike up a conversation.    One woman is 67 and this will be here 11th race.   Another, 46, is going on her 9th as is the third woman, 56.    We find out that they race together and they are apparently the three musketeer.    What do they then do?   They come in our lanes to give us pointers, drills to improve our style, and hope that we can do it.    They basically ended their swimming time to work with strangers who just happen to be in the same race with them.  

Now, I know that not everyone will do such things.   But so far with all the training events that I have been to, this is what it is.   Women helping women.   Women encouraging women.   Because in the end, we really all just want to cross the finish line.    Weather it be in a race or our daily life.   And wouldn’t it be nice, if everyone could be like these ladies and give of themselves just to help.

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