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Don’t Be THAT Runner!!!


Not sure if you know this, but I ran in a big event this past weekend.

(Just kidding because if you don’t know than you haven’t been paying attention!)

Anyway, since I was there by myself I was probably a little more observant to those around me.

I realized something and want to do a PSA announcement

(those who know me know I love my PSA’s)

This is important because I don’t want people to listen to you or see you and think,

“What an @sshole!”

So here are some tips.

  1. Just because you think of yourself as a “serious” runner, don’t think that the rest of us are somehow beneath you.   If not for those of us that finish slower than you, you wouldn’t look so good nor would your time.
  2. Don’t take yourself so seriously.   What is the point of all the training if you can’t enjoy yourself.   Life is too short not to have fun.
  3. Speaking of fun – If someone is wearing a tutu, costume, cape, or any such fun outfit to run it; smile at them.   See number 2 for reasons why.    Besides which, you don’t know their reasoning for wearing what they are wearing.   Maybe it inspires them.   Maybe it inspires others.   Maybe they just want to have fun.  If they can run in it, it’s their call.   No one is making you dress up (but you should!  Try it and you might see why it’s so fun).
  4. Cheer on your fellow runners even after you finish.   Now I’m not saying that you have to stay all day, but take a few minutes while you are stretching, refueling, or what ever your post race ritual is to cheer on those that finish after you.   You know you like to hear the cheers when your running.
  5. Don’t look down on other people’s time.   See number 1 for why.    If someone has the courage to start a race no matter what the distance, they deserve respect.    If they cross the finish line even last (and someone always has to be last), they finished no matter what their time.
  6. When waiting in line for the Port a Potty, don’t brag to your friend how at the last race you went to you consistently cut in line and only felt bad the first time.  It makes you sound like a person who will rationalize parking in a handicap spot because you’ll only be in the store for a minute.  Rules are rules and your not that special that they don’t apply to you.
  7. When spitting while running (come on even us ladies do it even if you won’t admit it), please think/look before you spit.
  8. Speaking of being polite, don’t throw your trash on the ground.   I’m not talking about your drink cups at water stations as most of the time they are expected to be dropped (although, you could aim for the garbage to help the volunteers out).   I’m talking about your Gu, shot blocks, or what ever.   If you don’t want people throwing garbage in front of your house don’t throw yours in front of other peoples.  I don’t care if it’s a race or not.   You had a place you were holding it in when it was full, so wrap it up and put it back till the end of the race!
  9. Lastly at the start of a Half Marathon don’t tell your friend whom you are waiting to start with that you think “running a FULL marathon is much easier than a Half.”   When you say that where other people can hear you, it really makes them want to say something to you that isn’t very pleasant.   Don’t ruin what may be their big moment because you are trying to sound so cool.   You don’t come across as cool.   You come across as a douche.   Sorry to tell you that.

Now I’m only telling you these things out of concern.   I will say that these runners are in the minority and if you come across one of them just ignore them.    Go out there, do what you came to do and have the race out want to have!   My PSA to you is don’t let THAT runner spoil your day!  Enjoy doing what you want to do and just keep on running:)


Have you come across these people before?