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No Apologies Necessary or is it?

I have ugly feet.   I had them well before I started running.   That being said, running has improved many things in my life; but my feet are not one of them.   What doesn’t help is that I got out of the habit of getting a pedicure.   I was good for a while.   I was supposed to get one after the Philly Marathon, but then that rolled into Thanksgiving which rolled right into Christmas.  No matter though, I still have ugly feet.   No amount of polish will make them pretty.

As the saying goes…..

It’s like putting lipstick on a pig.

Pointless, but I still do it.

Today, I couldn’t take how dry, cracked, calloused, and nasty they were. (Aren’t I painting a pretty picture?)    On a whim I decided to go for a pedicure.  I picked up some DD and sneak off for a Spa Pedicure even though I’m hosting a meeting at my house tonight and really should have been cleaning.   Oh well…..

Off I went

I sit down.   Roll up my pants and horror to horror realize that I have Chewbacca legs!!


Ok, maybe not this bad

but bad!

That’s what happens in winter.


Even without the hairy legs, I am always embarrassed when I get my pedicure.   Like I need to apologize for how bad my feet look.   I try.   I really do, but there is only so much lipstick you can put on a pig.   Please tell me I am not the only runner that feels the need to tell the person doing your pedicure that you are a runner.


I honestly do not know how they do it.   I couldn’t do it!!!   I look down at my feet and want to throw up at all the “shavings” they scrape off my feet and they are my feet.   I will further admit that I am a good tipper because of it!   How can I not be with all the scraping they have to do with a smile no less.

At least now my feet, although not pretty, are presentable.   Even more important both my feet and legs feel so much better after a foot and leg massage.

Now must remember to shave my legs in the morning:)

Do you feel the need to apologize for your feet?