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Brick Wall

I’ve been trudging right along with my training.   Last week I did my swimming, running, and bootcamp.   I could actually feel the progress being made.   In bootcamp, I could and did use more weights for the class.   In swimming, I felt less a fish out of water.   In running, I know that I ran farther than I did the week before.   I still have lots of progress to make, but I’m better than where I started.   Bottom line is –  If you don’t ever start anything, how will you know how far you can go.

One perk for all my training was that I  won a running shirt from our local Running Store!

Even if it is a size small.

It’s a little tight, but I’m hopeful:)

ImageIsn’t it nice!   The local Running Store is helping our “I hate Running Group” by coming to events to demonstrate stretching, donating products for giveaways, and offering discounts to members training for the triathlon.   It’s really a win win situation.   

Now it would seem that I am on my way……. Not really.   This week, I have hit a brick wall.   My boys are off for Spring Break this week.    That normally would be a wonderful thing, but this spring it feels more like winter than spring.  My ideas of taking the boys to the park while I do some running will not seem to become a reality this week.    Then I had the thought of going to the gym early before my husband leaves for work.   The problem is that he leaves at 6:00.   I may have to go in the evening.   I’ve got to work something out.  Quick.

I haven’t worked out, ran, or done anything now going on my third day.   I feel guilty about this.   I feel stress about this.    What the hell happened to me!?!    I have never been the person to want to work out, let alone feel stress out of not working out.    I think I may have crossed the line and become one of them:)    I know tonight I am swimming, but I don’t think that will be enough.    Somehow, Someway, I really want to get at the very least a run in and I’d feel even better if I could squeeze in some weights.

Oh my.   Oh my.   I really don’t know where the old me has gone.   I don’t miss her, but I also dont’ like stressing over not making it to a workout.   What to do?   What to do?

I do think that what might be stressing me out is that I’m thinking about Summer.  Yes, I know summer should and will make me happy.  But now I’m worried about how I will get my training in with them home.  And I thought that I had problems squeezing in my routines while my Little Guy was in his half day Kindergarten.   It looks like I am going to have to start  being creative with getting them in.  Especially when the Triathlon is right after Summer.

On a final note, I have crossed over and decided that I need to by a medicine ball for home.   This is how I know I’ve crossed the line!

Live, Laugh, Love