Are You What You Eat?

They say you are what you eat. Who they are, I have no idea, but that is what they say.   If that was true, I might just be a bowl of ice cream.  I’ve been thinking about this and know that I do need to be better with what I eat. I’m not getting any younger. I am technically bordering on obese as far as weight charts go (shut up)  and most of all I am trying to be overall healthier in my lifestyle.

My goal right now is just to eat better. Although I am not a bad eater, I could and should be better. I have been eating Pescatarian for a while now. There is no specific date that I can point to as it was a gradual transition. My son came home from college earlier this year as one. So while cooking for the family, I began to cook more meals for the family or a separate for him. Cooking for one is hard, so usually by default I would eat what he ate.

Then during this whole pandemic there were stories on the news about meat packing plants and I saw some video footage that really got me thinking about what I was eating. I am only telling you this not to sway anyone, but as part of my story. I know several people who go out of their way to shame people to eating their way and that is not me. I find that really annoying. I readily cook meat for the meat eaters of my family. During this time, I also joined 2 local CSA’s for my fruits and veggies and have been trying to get away from processed foods.

But on this quest to eat pescatarian, I also had to learn to cook this way. This woman can not live on tofu and salad alone. I realized that when you can’t depend on meat to bring the wow factor to your meal, you have to expand your horizons a little So as we move forward, I will share some of my adventures in cooking.

Yesterday, I made Chickpea Sweet Potato Curry. I must emphasize that my foray into cooking Indian Food which I have been doing more of is that not only do I not have a high spice tolerance, but I have not really eaten or know much about it. Luckily there is not only the internet but I have friends willing to share their knowledge. When it comes to cooking though, I have never been afraid to try new things (ok, that’s a lie because macrons still scare me). This one reminded me of a stew and I will say that since I’ve since made a few curry dishes, I felt comfortable playing with the recipe to make it my own somewhat.

My favorite pot to make big meals like this in! Le Creuset Dutch Oven (if you don’t have one, get one!)

The first thing I realized when cooking the Indian dishes and vegetarian dishes as a whole….. the prep work. When cooking with fresh veggies there is lots of chopping. This recipe though was a nice mix of canned, frozen and only chopping was onions which always make be cry and the sweet potato’s. Since I did go rogue on this recipe, I also chopped plantains adding them shortly after the sweet potatoes began to soften.

Giving credit where credit is due…. this is the recipe I used as my base: http://Chickpea, Sweet Potato and Spinach Curry


Changes that I made….. As mentioned above, I added cut plantains once sweet potatoes softened and I doubled recipe except for chickpeas. I also used 2 cans of crushed tomatoes instead of chopped tomatoes because I didn’t have diced tomatoes. So this made it more stew to me. I also used mixture of creamed coconut and coconut milk. Again, I was going for more of creamy strew to go over my rice.

My family is obsessed with the Naan bread and I made a double batch. Even my son who does not eat the curry will eat the Naan because why not?

Then when it ready to eat, I put over some white rice and viola….. Easy peasy lemon squeezy (although there was no lemon).

What was nice about this is today after my 6 mile walk, I made a big bowl of this to replenish myself with and it was perfect. Much better and healthier option than what I might normally eat after a run. Plus can’t beat benefit of sweet potatos and spinach.



7 thoughts on “Are You What You Eat?

  1. Le Creuset! It’s been on my wishlist for over a year now, and I’d love to have one but t is still too expensive for me now, unfortunately. Let me just spend a couple more minutes oogling your delicious curry and Le Creuset….

      • I bought a Kenwood because I couldn’t afford a KitchenAid. It was not cheap but it’s lasted for 5 years and keep going:) I agree that a good investment in a kitchen is worth every penny 🙂

      • My husband bought me mine our first Christmas we were married. Someone tried to tell him you dont buy your wife an appliance. Thankfully, he didnt listen and knew if it was his wife AND a kitchenAid you do!

        I love to bake so much that I have a smaller one too. I bought on local garage sale sight for $25. After covid is over and people are not baking as much, I bet that they you might be able to find them. That and workout equipment 😂

      • Christmas is only 4 months away, I might just send a lot of subliminal messages to my husband what to get me for Christmas this year… right?😂
        I don’t know about where you are, but during the peak of COVID lock down, i couldn’t even find flour on the local supermarkets. 5 supermarkets, none of them were selling flour of any kind. Everyone was a baker four months ago 😂

  2. Flour and yeast were very scarce. Luckily I panic if I dont have 10 pounds of flour in pantry even non pandemic. I might keep more now like when I am prepping for holiday baking. 😳. I couldnt find bread flour at one point, so now I also keep vital wheat gluten in pantry too!

    Baking is a my happy place and too stressful to think I wont have what I need at any given time. Plus I have house full of boys. I am staying stocked for any flare ups.

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