Hello Again

The problem with Fall marathons is that you have to train through the summer and vacations.   My family has a standing date with a lake in Vermont every August.   Last summer I had fire in my belly and trained accordingly.    This summer, I’m quit a bit more relaxed in my training and did not train accordingly.

It happens.

As of today, there are only 56 days till the marathon.    It’s time to get out of vacation mode.    I will say that I was not totally lazy during my time at the lake.   I did average more than 10,000 steps a day which is about 5 miles of walking a day.    Also the morning before we left, I did go for a long run of 13 miles.    Then in Vermont, I went for one 6 mile run and a 16 mile bike ride and anyone whose been to Vermont knows those hills are no joke.   So this seemed like a nice trade off.

Now I’m home.   The bags are unpacked.   The laundry will never be done, but as a mother of 3 it never really is anyway.    So it’s time to get back out there.   I toyed with going today, but my legs were sore so I went for a spa pedicure instead.

Tomorrow is another day and I plan to make the best of it.   I know that I need another long run.    I don’t have the fire in my belly right now to train with hills, cut-downs, and everything else.   What I do have though is the determination to get the miles in and be prepared for 26.2.

It’s all good.

Chasing….. Getting it done


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