Not a Morning Person

I’m not a morning person.   My friends know this well.   I am a night owl which makes being a morning person that much harder.  I am also someone who isn’t at her best when she jumps out of bed and goes.   I need time.   I need coffee.    This is why on a perfect day, I would like a minimum of 45 minutes before a run to be up.   I will further admit that I LOVE to sleep in.   There is nothing better than waking up when your body tells you it is time and not when your alarm tells you.   The problem is that this summer there are days (many of them) that I need to be more of a morning person.

I don’t like it.

I don’t like it one bit!

It doesn’t always work and I’m trying. But even on mornings it works out,  I still hate it.

Why would this self professed night owl want to change into a morning person.

To get my runs in, of course!

Having 3 kids with active summer schedules, it is hard to find the time to run.   In my Pollyanna world, summer is about sleeping in, beach days, zoo days, and being a bum.   The reality isn’t so.   Although more freedom than the school year, we have teen work schedules, summer classes,  soccer schedule,  and other activities.    The bigger problem is that they are all on different days.   We may be busy in the morning with one activity and then have a few free hours before the next one.   Does not leave as enough time for adventure or running.


Just Boo!

Then add to this the heat and it means early morning runs.


It doesn’t always work.   Today is a perfect example.   Set the alarm for 7:00.   Promptly snoozed till 7:30 which means I didn’t make it out the door for a 7:30 as I wanted.   I do have some leeway today which I must have been holding onto in the back of my mind, but it really would have been better to go at 7:30.   Now I have to wait till 9:00 which won’t be bad today as it’s not going to be hot yet and it’s a shorter run.   That’s the problem when my mind knows the truth:)

So even though it didn’t work this morning.   It also kind of did.   The kids are asleep, I’m getting some stuff done and I will get my run today.   The problem that I will have is that on mornings I have a longer run in I will need to be dedicated and get out the door which when push comes to shove I have been doing.

I’m on a roll with my training.   Shocking I know.   I have completed all my required workouts these last 2 weeks.   Maybe they weren’t perfectly on pace, but they were done.   I would like to keep it that way especially because in 2 weeks (Yeah!!) I will be going on vacation.   I’ve already told my coach that even though I will run that I will probably not  be on schedule then.    Until then, I will have to be good:)

I think what has got me back on track is that I am once again training with purpose.   I’m in New York City Marathon Training.   16 weeks will go very quickly!    Let’s not forget that in October I will also be running the Runner’s World Hat Trick again.

Let the games begin.


Are your a happy Morning Person?



One thought on “Not a Morning Person

  1. It’s so weird how training for a goal gives you so much more purpose in your running- I’m exactly the same. I’m literally the worst person in the mornings. Ive had to start having two alarms- one on my phone, under my pillow, and the second on the other side of the room. Cos a few weeks ago I slept in by an hour and had a frantic rush to work!

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