Happy Trails

Some days you want to run in a group.

Some days you want a short run by yourself.

Some days though not only do you want but need a long run alone.

Yesterday, I set out to do 20 miles solo.

There is something to be said to doing runs on your own in training.   Yes, you are usually surrounded by people when you are at an event.   That being said, you are still running it on your own.   You have to prepare for those long miles or at least I do.

I also had another reason for hitting the trails alone.    My training as we know has been spotty lately.   I needed to do these miles on my own to prove to myself that I could not just mentally but physically.    That I could push myself just for myself.  Due to time constraints though I didn’t hit the magic 20 mile mark, but that didn’t take away that I did 17 on one of the harder local trails.


Yes, this is the trail.   This is probably the toughest part of the trail especially as it came after 10 miles.


This is a much happier part of the trail:)

  I did it alone (although I did have virtual support of my tribe).

I walked away from the run tired, with blisters, and very hungry.   I also walked away with knowing that the Dirty German is right around the corner and an I got this attitude.   Will it be easy.   Hell NO!    But if it was easy, everyone would do it.

And if you haven’t figured it out yet, I don’t like to be like everyone else:)

I will say that yesterday was a perfect day to be out on the trails.   The leaves have not all filled in, so the sun was shining through the trees.   I could see the magnificent blue sky.   Temperatures were perfect for a long run and being out on the trails reminds me of places of my youth.   My grandmother literally owned half a mountain and it was our playground.  Seriously.

Now, I do take precautions when going out for a solo run especially a trail run or at night.   It is different from a solo run in town where you most likely can stop a passing car, call a friend, or even knock on someones door.    Not that the trail I’m running is like running deep in the woods, but you are on your own.    So here are some safety precautions that I will share with you.   Some are over the top, but I have a VERY security conscious Best Friend that would not be happy if I didn’t take them.  I’ve gotten “yelled” out for not following them before:).

  1. Make sure to take proper fuel and hydration.
  2. Check in either on FB or via text, so people know approximately where you are and when.
  3. Let people know when you are safely finished as they may worry.
  4. Carry a whistle.   This is two fold – you can use it to scare off animals on the trail or you can use it to alert people to your location if needed.
  5. Carry Pepper Spray
  6. Make sure that your phone is fully charged.   I have a Mophie juice pack that allows my phone to stay charged for hours and hours and hours.

Some of these may seem overboard, but I am after all the mother of a Boy Scout.    Be prepared is always better than regret.

What safety precautions do you take on your runs?

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