Vacation is Over

It’s been quiet around here lately, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten about my blog.   I took a vacation.   I took a relaxing vacation.   Actually it is a vacation that I’ve been taking for 17 years with my husband.   It’s a vacation that his family has been taking for over 40 years now.   I was camping on a beautiful lake in Vermont.    It’s not a glamorous vacation, but I really wouldn’t trade it at all.   I go with my husbands family and we literally take up several camp sites. The kids run all over the place with cousins and no one even cares about missing electronics.  One of the best things is that the area we camp at has not only limited internet connection, but also limited cell reception.   It really is nice to get away from it all.

Now normally while hubby is out fishing with the boys, I lounge in the hammock and read.   I will admit that although I did spend some time napping in the hammock, I did not do any reading.   Mostly because I took this quiet time to get in some runs.   Now, before going I looked up some local trails.   I, actually, found the perfect trail that literally was 10 minutes from camp.   It was a beautiful trail on a converted rail line.    All these years and I never knew it was there.   Literally, picture perfect!

Vermont1 Vermont2 vermont3 Vermont4

Who knew there were flat trails in Vermont!?!

Not me, but now that I found it I can’t wait to run them again next year.

I got in several runs including two eight mile runs one of them being my tempo run.   I’m not sure if it was the cooler air, the scenery, or the flat trail but I not only kept my pace but actually ran a little faster even running mile 7 at 8:55.   I think it was a fluke, but I’ll take it!

I was determined not to let vacation keep me from running and with the exception of not getting my long run in, I did ok.   I will admit that I was very disappointed that I did not get in my long run which was a scheduled seventeen miles.   I wanted to run around the lake we camp at.   It would have been an amazing challenge due to the hills.   I’m not sure if I would have made it, but I won’t know till next year when I will make sure that I have time!

I’m glad that I kept my training up because when I got home I realized that the Marine Corps Marathon is now less than 75 days away.  Oh my!.

Do you keep up your training on vacation?

2 thoughts on “Vacation is Over

  1. Those pictures are beautiful. Vermont has so many great trails. It’s always tough to get in good workouts while on vacation but you managed to do It. Great job! I have been wanting to go camping all summer. Hopefully one of these wkends. I bet the weather up there was perfect.

    • This year we had the best weather ever! Warm days. Cool nights and best of all NO rain until we were pulling out of camp which made it easier to leave the lake. I love to go camping with the whole family like that. I tell people “it forces you to be a family!” No distractions just each other. Nothing better. Hope you find some time to get away this summer!

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