Training Recap

I’ve had a good week of training even if I did skip my 5 mile easy run.     I actually missed my cut-down day and then had to make a choice if I wanted to make that one up or skip it.   I thought that my cut-down was more important to my training than the easy run.

Recap Week

Sun:      14 miles  – This was a hot one.   A very hot one!  This was one of those hot humid New Jersey days where heat warnings were in effect.   I did listen to the warnings and made sure to have my bottles filled with Nuun my new favorite drink on hot days.   I also threw out any perspective pace and went solely for miles.    The run was not pretty, but was more a slow and steady test of endurance.   The average pace ended up being still not too bad considering that I wasn’t pushing it nor was I checking it at all during the run.  Average pace was  11.48.   Consistently in 11’s and 12’s.  Overall moving time was 2:38:10 with total time of 3:03:15 as I made stops to refill water bottles and stand in sprinklers.   I will say that I am very respectiful of peoples property and only stand at the edge of their property on the roads waiting to be cooled off.   I was doing that very thing when a man came out to get something out of his car.   I thanked him for the use of his sprinkler and he was very nice about it.   One stop was even in a 7-elleven to get some water and take a few minutes to cool down in the air.  I felt good (relatively speaking) that I was still able to get the miles in and didn’t need to shorten this run.
Monday:  REST
Tuesday:   Aerobic 7 miles in 1:12:41.   Overall I kept a good pace.  The last mile I allowed myself to push it a little bit, but not an all out sprint.   I was very happy that after six miles of a fairly steady pace in the mid 10’s that the last mile I was able to run a 9:44.
Wednesday:   My sister was visiting from California and wanted to do a quick run before we went for a pedicure.   I knew that I had the Pizza Run that night, so we only went for 2 easy miles.     Then that night I did the Pizza Run which you can read the recap if you want.   Overall, I was happy with the 5K time of 28:38:47 for a average pace of 9:13.
Thursday: Did some swimming
Friday:   This was the day that I was supposed to do my cut-down but I didn’t.   I’m sure that if I really, really wanted to that I could have found the time, but I really wasn’t in the mood.  My foot although not hurting but was bothering me and I really just didn’t want to aggravate it.   Yup, I’m a baby.
Saturday: This was supposed to be my easy 5.   When I headed out I was actually thinking that maybe I would do my 7 mile cut-down as 5 therby combining the two runs.   It didn’t work out that way because once I headed out I knew I wanted to see if I could hit my targets for this run.   I found a new route which is a little flatter, but one that I am also familiar with to not have to think about where I’m going.   It seemed to work as I hit or was very close to my targets completing the run in 1:11:24 with average run pace of 10:12.   My best pace was again the last mile where I hit a pace of 9:15!
Now you would think after such a good run that I would have been flying, but it actually had the opposite effect.   I think I was alone for too many miles as I was starting to wonder why I’m doing this to myself.   I’ve already ran a Marathon, so what am I trying to prove.   Plus I had realized before going for my run that I have only 3 months till the MCM.    Panic may be setting in.    I know I can do this or at least I think I can do this.   Part of me was wondering why I’m doing it.   I am just an average runner.   I will never be the front of the pack runner.  So many people act like I’m this crazy driven person because of my running.   Then I realized that they are right, but I have to remind myself that I am the good kind of crazy driven person.
It could be worse:)
I must remind myself that I push myself because I can.
I push myself because what is life without challenges?
I push myself to be a role model to my children that anything is possible!
I push myself so that my boys will grow up knowing that woman can be strong!
I push myself because there is nothing like crossing the finish line and knowing you are the reason you are there.
What do you do when you feel like throwing in the towel?

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