My Car, My Way

I did it.   I finally remembered to buy my 26.2 magnet for my car.   I’ve wanted one ever since Philly.    I know some people, usually non runners, think they are obnoxious, but I don’t really care.   My car.  My magnet.  Besides I’ve seen some magnets/stickers on cars that are not my cup of tea.   To each their own.   I wanted it for me and for me alone.


Why I care about my 26.2 magnet…….

  1. It is a reminder to me of what I can accomplish when I push myself.
  2. Sometimes, I still can’t believe that I did it.
  3. It will encourage me as I train for my second marathon that “I’ve got this.”
  4. I wanted it and it’s my car.
  5. It will go with my MRTT and Iron Girl Triathlon magnet.
  6. Comradery with other runners when they see it.
  7. Why not?

There will always be haters in all things.   I don’t ever give the haters a second thought as they are always going to be like that.   Hey instead of hating, why not join in on the fun.  Anyone can do it, with the right training and help.

The funny thing when I was buying my magnet with other running items, the chipey behind the counter asked if I ran a marathon.   She seemed a little surprised when I said, “Yes and that I’m training for my second one.”     It’s all in the the phrasing and attitude because you would have thought she would have asked what marathon I ran not if.   It made me wonder do people actually buy these types of magnets if they haven’t run the event.    I guess maybe, but no one I know would.   Of course, I hang out with upstanding people who would never think to claim something they didn’t do.

What is on your car?

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