Word of the Week – Badass

If you’ve been around running for a bit, I’m sure that you’ve either heard the word of even used it yourself.


I think on any given day, any of us can be a badass.    I know that there are various degrees of being a badass, but that does not take away from yours on any given day either.    We need to just recognize this trait in others, but also in ourselves.   We need to take pride in what we do.   A lot of the time instead of embrassing it, we do the opposite.   We talk it down.

Oh, it was just a 5K

I only ran a mile.

I came in last

I came in the middle.

Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah

Yes, there are people that we know that doing amazing things.   Things that we can’t even imagine doing.   Things that we may never even want to do.   That’s ok too.

We need to embrace what we are doing and take pride in it.   Now I don’t mean that we should go to the opposite extreme and think we are the best thing since sliced bread which we can all admit is awesome.   We just need to recognize that we may not be the fastest, strongest, or go the farthest; but that doesn’t take away from what we are doing.

On the best of days, running is hard.   Getting out the door is hard, but we get it done when we need to.

That is enough:)

Are you a BAMR?

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