Friday Five – Five Ways to Have Happy Feet

Friday Five Link-up with by Eat, Pray, Run DC,   Mar on the Run, and You Signed Up for What?

Today’s Theme in honor of National Running Day this past week,

5 Ways to Have Happy Feet when you have Plantar Fascitis

or as Happy as our feet can be:)

1.  Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

Hoka One

Don’t skimp on your shoes.    If your lucky, you can even find last years model of a normal $170 pair of shoes at DSW for only $70.   I love my Hoka One’s.  The joke in my MRTT group is that they are made with magical unicorn horns due to the price.   I will say that I do think there is some magic in them.  These are the shoes that I was meant to run in!   Every foot is different, so you need to find the one that your foot was made to run in but I love mine:)

2.   Roll, Roll, Roll your feet

Rolling Foot

This was recommended by my podiatrist and it is one of those things that hurts so good.   A iced water bottle.   This is probably the cheapest trick in my bag of tricks, but it feels so good.   Plus, I can pop the bottle out of the freezer and roll my foot out while making dinner or any time of day.

3.   Stretching

I usually start off the day by stretching my calf before I even get out of bed.  Then there are a few that I do during the day, but by far, my favorite stretch is to have my toes on the stairs and just bring my heals down.

4. Taping feet before running

Taping feet Taping Feet

I just started doing this and it has already made a huge impact on my feet.   It only takes a few minutes to do and I haven’t even noticed the tape while running.

5.  Orthotics

I had a pair made and they are in the process of tweaking them because the arch was made too high on one which was making the pain slightly different.   More in the arch of the foot, but still not alleviating the heal pain.   That being said, I could tell it was making a difference overall.   I was sorry to give them back, but hope to have them back in my shoes in another week.

Have you every dealt with foot pain?

What have you done?

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