Spring Cleaning Has Begun!

I don’t know about you, but it seems like my workout clothes, gadgets, belts, ect are multiplying.   Now some of this may be because I have bought a few things here and there.   When I first started working out, I took a trip to Target and bought some lovely workout wear thinking that I was good to go.   Then I realized that this only covered the basics.   As I mentioned in a previous post though, I have a few different “gym” bags for various activities as each requires specific items.

Case in Point….

Gym Bag – This would be considered the traditional gym bag with lifting gloves, workout towel, jump rope and such.

Swim Bag – Goggles, swim cap, towel, shower items as I like to wash the heavy chlorine scent off before leaving.

Yoga Bag– Yoga mat, yoga foam block, towel for mat,

Running Bag – chap-stick, sunglasses, few dollars, Gu, and odds and ends

Then you add running jackets, watches, rollers, hydration belts, regular belts, ect, ect and before you know it, my workout gear has taken on a life of it’s own or at least a whole corner of my room.   Now I don’t mind that it’s taken over my corner, but I do mind that it’s a hot mess.   On top of that it was getting very hard to find anything.    It was time to realize that something needed to be done.

What needed to be done required a trip to Target again.   I hit the organization section and found two different size storage bins that would help. I already had one bin with a lid.   Although, I had been trying to pretend that I didn’t need more storage, I was only fooling myself.   Without further ado, I will show you the before and after.


corner3Yes, I am embarrassed but these things happen to a busy mama and I just forgot to take a picture.  I did take one after I started and I had dumped everything all over my bed.


Ok, feel better.


cornerI feel a peace and tranquility now.

Things are organized.

Things are easily accessible.

And lastly, things are neat. The bigger bin has my various bags and extra bags.   Smaller bin has things that I might need on the go.  The taller bin which has a lid now hold things that aren’t used frequently such as night time running gear, extra belts and such.

Slowly I’m making progress.   I even started organizing my kitchen too.   One drawer at a time.


It may take a while, but I do feel like I’m getting there.   Maybe by the end of the year, I will be fully organized.

How do you stay organized?

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