Don’t Take This Wrong Way….


When I say that I run my longer runs at a slower pace and you ask what that pace was and I reply that I ran 11 – 12 minute pace, … 

I am not putting anyone down whose pace this is.  A run is still a run no matter what the pace.  This was my pace when I started running.   This is no longer my pace.   My average run pace now is about 10 to 10 1/2 depending on the day.   If I’m pushing it, I can go faster.   Also why did you ask if you didn’t want to hear. 

When you talk about the “Marathon” that I just ran and I correct you that it was only a Half Marathon, ...

I do need to correct you because I do NOT want to take credit for something I didn’t do.   When I ran my full marathon, I took credit.   I owned it, but I don’t want to claim something that I didn’t do any other day.

When I order french toast instead of an egg white omelet at breakfast because I’m carb loading, …

probably shouldn’t be eating it either.   There are probably healthy ways to carb load, but french toast is my weakness.   Besides the way I look at it,  the benefit of running all over town is to be able to eat the french toast if I want.

When you ask how far I ran today and I say that I only ran 5 miles causing you to roll your eyes, …

 I am not trying to sound all uppity.   I am saying only because that tends to me my normal run when I have time.   So my average run mileage is about 5 miles.

When you ask why I’m running a 5K and I say that I want to run a shorter race for time,  …

I am not putting anyone down whose goal race is the 5K.   It is no longer my goal race.   My favorite race of choice at this time, I would say is a half marathon.   There is a big difference between how I would pace myself for a 5K as to a half marathon.   I might even say that since my goal in a 5K is time, I might even be pushing myself harder.

When I share my runs on Facebook, Instagram, or any other place, …

it is not because I am bragging.   It is because I have many friends who are also runners.   We like to share.   We like to see what we are all doing.   We like to cheer each other on.   We are a strange group, but we love to do this.  If for some reason these posts bother you,  please feel free to hide me or even delete me because this is who I am and this is what I love.

No, I really am not trying to be a jerk.
Really, Really, Really
  I get where you are coming from as I was once on the rolling eyes side.
I admit it.   I did.
It was more a reflection on what I thought of me than you.

I also know that these things do not bother my real friends as they know how hard I work for the things that I do.   These things do not come easy to me.   I push and then I push some more.

Have you seen the eye rolling?

I get that it might appear that I am bragging, but I’m not.   Am I proud of what I’m doing?   You bet.

Should it bother you that I’m doing it?   I don’t think so.

You do what makes you happy and I will do what makes me happy.

Anything to add….

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