Friday Five – Favorite City


Another Friday means another Friday Five link-up hosted by Eat, Pray, Run DC,   Mar on the Run, and You Signed Up for What?   Today’s topic – 5 Things You love about your Favorite City….

I will admit that I almost skipped this one because at heart I really am a country girl.   Now I live in the burbs and not the country, but at heart I am a country girl.    I grew up with space and I admit that the suburbs are as citified as I want to become.    Then I gave it a second thought and realize that even though I am not a city girl, I do enjoy an occasional visit to the Big City.

  New York City, of course!

Some of you who have been with me a while may remember my first (and at this time only) NYC run last year.   It is where I discovered I’m a Little Bit Country, but Now I’m a Little Bit Rock N Roll.  This is where I saw a different side of NYC and realized that I liked it.   I really really like it.   So Here we go…..

Top 5 Reasons


  1. It’s New York City.   I mean come on their slogan alone says it all. The city that never sleeps.   The city where Broadway was born.   The city where  you can go to Chinatown, Little Italy, and everything in between all in one day.
  2. Central Park.   This is really what sold me on NYC.   My first NYC Half Marathon in Central Park.   That in the midst of this massive city is this massive park.   It is amazingly beautiful!945019_10204089024858375_774358394750037621_n
  3. The People.   There are whole books written about them. Facebook Page dedicated to them.    I even bought my former NYC living sister one of the books for Christmas (Humans of New York).   Very cool book filled with all the types of people that you will meet at any given time in the City.humansofnewyork_cover
  4. The amazing skyline – It is one that can really only be seen to be appreciated.    The buildings are a site to see from the Empire State Building to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.   Stunning.
  5. Last but not least.   It is a City that  hosts one of my Bucket List Items that I am working towards in 2015 for 2016.    The New York City Marathon.   The largest marathon in the world.   A marathon that closes major bridges.   A marathon that I hope to run one day.

Everyone should visit NYC at least once in their life.   I am lucky to live just an hour away, so I can visit more often and this year I plan on spending a good deal of running time there too:)

What is your favorite city?

11 thoughts on “Friday Five – Favorite City

  1. My favorite memory of visiting NYC is running in Central Park with my sister. It is amazing that beautiful place is in the middle of the urban jungle. I would love to do a race there.

  2. I love, love love NYC!! I try to get there as often as I can. Luckily I have friends I can drop in on (and our themes are fluid and can interpreted in any way you want. You could always have picked 5 things you love about country!)

  3. I’ve been to NYC only a few times, but never to run. I’m dying to run a race up there. I’m hoping to do Rock N Roll Brooklyn!!

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