You Knew It Was Coming

I think in the back of my mind, I knew it was coming.   I knew it was inevitable and I knew there would be no going back.   If not, why would I run 20 miles.   I did my 20.   I was sore from my 20, but I survived my 20 and really within a day felt fine.    Once I crossed that barrier, there was no going back.   It was just fighting the inevitable and it was a logistics game.

I casually brought up the subject with Dear Hubby.   Mentioning that friends were trying to get me to do run a marathon with them, but it was in Philly and I would have to sleep there the night before.   I think part of me was hoping that it would be a problem for him, so as to have an excuse not to run one till next year.   Just my luck, Dear Hubby was totally supportive and fine with it.   Nope.   No problem with me going to Philly and running 26.2 miles.   Damn, that supportive husband of mine!

Now the only excuse left was that maybe I’m a big ole chicken who still doesn’t think that she has what it takes to cross the finish line and become part of the 1% of the population who has completed a marathon.   I guess the only way to find out is to actually attempt it.

So I did it!

 I signed up!!!

10675715_10154784850980220_5640191669692384447_nNot sure who was more excited, me or my cohort in crime.   She called me and left me a very excited message about it.   She is the excited one.   I am the nervous one.   But what’s done is done.   I’ve signed up and if you no nothing about me, know that I am one determined SOB.  Now that I’ve signed the dotted line, there is no going back.   If I have to crawl accross the finish line, I just might.   Eye on the prize.   Eye on the prize.   (which reminds me, Is there bling for this race?   I will have to check into that!)

One of my many motto’s is





Luckily, I’ve trained my @ss off for the Hat Trick.   I did my 20 with a fair amount of hills.   I’m in taper now!   So it’s all easy training till the starting line.

Sent to me from my very exited friend whom I could not do any of this without


That’s what I’m going to try and do now.

Game on!

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