What to Do? What to Do?

Today I’m hitting 100 posts with my blog.   That’s good news because not only does it mean that I’ve kept up with my blog, but that I’ve been keeping up with my training.

I’ve been thinking about what I’m going to do now that I’ve accomplished the Hat Trick.   I had thought about riding into the sunset until next season, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.   If I could race this weekend, I probably would.    Don’t know why.   Don’t know when, but somehow I seem to have gotten hooked.  It’s not necessarily about the bling, although I do love me some good bling.   It’s about the feeling you get when you cross the finish line.

I’ve said it before I need a goal.   My friend told me yesterday while trying to get me to sign up for the Philadelphia Gore-Tex race that she knows that I wouldn’t sign up for the full because I’m a planner.    I may sign up for the half, but I’m not sure.   Would love to do the full, but I’m not sure.   It’s hard not to want to keep going though when you spent your weekend surrounded by amazing people with a love for running.

My friend is right though.   I am a planner.   I plotted and trained specifically for the Hat Trick.    As soon as I register for it, I bought the Runners World Intermediate Hat Trick Training Plan.   I needed it as I’ve said before I’m a good follower.   Besides the fact that I was in no shape or form to run this event without training.   I ran, but I didn’t RUN RUN.   I also really wanted to not only finish, but to finish with a smile.

I can not say enough about this plan.   I’m guessing if you are Runner’s World, you know how to train for a event of this kind.   Thank God that with a few dollars from me that they were willing to share the plan.  Money well spent!   As you know not only did I Rock the Hat Trick, but I actually walked away feeling good.   The only thing that really kept me from running this week is time.   I actually could use a really nice long run too.

(Who said that!)

What made this plan so perfect for me other than the fact they told me exactly what to do when is that I learned  not just about how to train better but how far that I can push myself.   It was an amazing plan and I really can not say enough good things about it.  Anyone who wants to try the Hat Trick next year, I really say add one of their Training Plans.   Think of it as a registration fee.   Think of it as insurance to make sure your ready.

So now I’m off to plot my next adventure because there is no way that I will make it till January without another race.

(Who said that?!)


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