Fear Factor?

Don’t Let Fear stop you from reaching for the stars!

We all have fears.   Some fears  keep us safe and some are silly.   I’m not here to say if your fears are silly or not as I know that I have some very silly ones of my own.   Like my “discomfort” of small porcelain dolls that look entirely too real. Have we not all seen chucky?  There is NO need to have a realistic doll in your house.  Nope.   Now, some may say this is silly (although if so silly, why is it a recurring theme in horror movies?), but whose to say that I don’t think one of their fears are silly too.  I will go further to say that the person who says that they aren’t afraid of anything are either lying or just not in touch with themselves enough to admit the truth.  Everyone has something

Webster defines fear as the following:



: an unpleasant emotion caused by being aware of danger : a feeling of being afraid

: a feeling of respect and wonder for something very powerful

I would like to add that:

Fear is natural.

Fear is normal.

Fear can be motivating!

Fear shouldn’t stop you!!

Fear can be overcome!!!!

It is ok to be afraid.  It is not ok to let the fear define you or stop you from taking chances.  If it stops you from doing the things you want to do, that is a problem.  When we let fear stop us from doing something, we are embracing the fear.   Sometimes that is good use of our fight or flight mode, but most of the time it is bad.

If I had let fear stop me from signing up for my first Sprint Tri even though I couldn’t run a mile, didn’t  know how to bike properly or have the right bike, and only thought I knew how to swim; I would not be where I am today.    Fear didn’t stop me, but it did motivate me.   It motivated me to train as hard as I could. It motivated me to push myself.  It continues to motivate me.   I don’t know if I can do all the things that I sign up for, but I can’t live in fear of failure not to try.  And the bottom line is that even if I fail at least I tried:)

Now I’m not saying do stupid things to prove that you can move past your fears.   I’m saying just don’t let your fear keep you from doing something (smartly & safely) that you want to do.


1357570255_3905_fearWhat are you afraid of?

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