It’s Just Not Fair


Now I do think that women in general should rule the world.   I think we would do a much better job at it, but that’s not the issue.   The issue here is it is just not fair that any day of the month a man can lace up and go out the door without a second thought.   They don’t have to go through the emotional roller coaster that women go through or maybe it’s just me.    They don’t have to deal with the monthly bloating, hormones, worry about if they might need a bathroom break while out running, and is it even safe to run.  Now I want to be clear none of these things would stop us from ruling the world, because as women we know we just have to deal with this issues.

It’s just not fair…… Do you hear my foot stomping?   You should.

I think the biggest thing men in general take for granted when they are running is their safety.   Yes, they need to worry about the knucklehead that is texting while driving, the speed demons, or all those things that come with running outside,  But overall, I don’t think that when they lace up for a run they think of anything else while they are out training.   Maybe they do.   I’m not a man, so I could be totally wrong.   I just don’t think that I am.

  1. Do they notice if the same car has gone past them more than once.?
  2. Have they every felt creeped out from someone giving them a creepy look or comment?
  3. Do they ever think, ” I shouldn’t run a trail by myself because something really bad could happen to me” and then don’t go?
  4. Do they make sure that their Find My Friend App is on just in case?

For some reason, I really think that the answer is no.   It, sadly, is just the reality of the world we live in.    It doesn’t stop most of us from running.   It just makes us think twice and maybe we change our plans and routines to stay safe.  Women are adaptable that way:)

Here is what I do or plan to do

  • Keep my music low enough that I can hear what is around me.   This should be done for so many reasons including traffic.
  • Run with Pepper Spray (Don’t have any yet, but it’s on the radar).  This is also good for many reason including animals.
  • Use a Runner’s ID
  • Run with friends when possible.   As we know, there is safety in numbers.  Plus it makes the run more fun!
  • Let people know where and when you are running.
  • Change up your running route.  I know there is comfort in the same route, but it’s good to change it up anyway to challenge yourself.

As they used to say in one of my favorite shows growing up

(yes, I’m that old – see if you remember it too)….

Let’s Be Careful Out there!

(Do you remember it?)

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