Water, Water Everywhere

I am not a person to run without water.   I know part of it is a mental thing, because even on a short run I take water.   That being said when going for longer distances traveling with water is really a necessity.   Since I started running, I’ve been carrying my water bottle.   I got used to it and the one I bought is easy enough to carry, but I decided that I needed more.   I’ve been on the fence for a while on what to buy.   Asked all my running friends, looked on line, and ever browsed at the store.    I’m not sure what I was waiting for.   Finally, I just bit the bullet and bought one.  


I bought the Nathan Mercury 2 and took it for a test run today.   Actually, not bad.   At first I ran with the belt a little too loose which did allow for some bounce.   After tightening up the belt some, I didn’t notice it at all.   Really.   Then again I also run with my Garmin 310 which doesn’t bother me either.  Then again my friend Dawn (yup, I’m talking about you again) was going to take it for a test ride and I don’t think we made it 10 feet before she had to take it off!   But I’m getting off topic a little…..


The bottles both hold 10 ounces of water and there is a small pouch to put stuff.   The description says that it will fit an iPhone, but I didn’t have any luck.   Then again, my iPhone has an Otter-box case so that maybe the problem.   I could take the case off to try, but I won’t.   I have an armband that my phone fits in fine and I’m used to it.  That being said, I’m sure if you had a smaller case your phone would fit fine.   For me though I just put my other essentials in the bag – chapstick, a few dollars, and my ID.  

The water bottles were easy to reach, open, and put back without stopping.  The only recommendation that I really have is to make sure to alternate which bottle to drink from.   Otherwise, you will notice the unevenness of it or at least I did.   Other than that I cant wait to see how it holds up for my long run this weekend and the trails in the near future!

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