Why The Name Change?

When I first started my blog it was about my life as a Mom and the name reflected that.   I was chatting with my sister who is a published author and she told me that I should change my blog name.    She even gave me some suggestions.  This is a combination of her suggestions.

So why the Accidental Running Mama?   Isn’t it obvious?    When you look at me with all of my 5′ 2″ self, I’m sure avid runner comes right to mind.  Right?   I’ve actually been told by someone that I must look funny running with my short legs. (nice, I know:)   Also, I would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER have thought that one day would not only I run, but also run for fun.    Here’s why….

1.   I was not an athletic kid in the least.   I was actually the kids whose doctor put her on a diet (boo, doctor.  boo).

2.   Not only was I not athletic, but my nickname was butterfingers.    This does not make you think of someone who would ever grow up to be athletic in any shape or form.

3.   This journey I’m on was totally by accident.   My goal was just to get into shape and prove I still had it by running one Triathlon.   Who knew (except my sister) that I would get hooked.  

So, here I am with my new blog name to reflect this new journey that my life is taking.    Hope you come along for the ride, or the swim, or the run:)


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