The Little Engine that Could

I think I can.   I think I can.   I think I can.

But only if I prepare for it.


You know your  serious training, when you expect to be sore all the time.   I keep pushing myself.   Why I’m not sure.    I haven’t turned crazy with my training, but I really have started to push myself a little more.  I actually have a routine for my training now that I really try to stick to.

Monday – Total Body Strength Training
Tuesday – Bosu Class & Swim PM
Wednesday – Total Body Strength Training
Thursday – Spin
Friday – Total Body Strength Training
Saturday – Couch to 5k Training
Sunday – Rest Day

Looks like a decent training schedule.   Strength training is good, but it won’t get me across the finish line.   And when you think strength training, don’t think becoming a muscle head.   Think more whole body toning including abs.      But I realized that as time goes on, I am going to have to add more swimming, biking, and another day running.    So I am starting to take that up a notch.

Yesterday, my friend who I usually do the strength training with drove us both to the gym.   We clocked the distance and it is almost exactly the same distance that I will be running in the triathlon.   So what did I do with that knowledge?    I had my friend take my stuff with her when she left and I jogged home.    Not a fast jog and I did walk a little, but i did it.    This was my second time doing it.   Both times I have averaged a little more that 10 minute 40 seconds.    I hope I can keep this up…..

I really never imagined when I signed up for this how much training or how serious I would start to take it for this event.   I know people who are going to do it, who do very little training and still finish.    So I’m hoping that with all this training I am doing will help me finish well.   Now when I say “Well,”   I mean well for ME.    I have no illusions that I am going to finish in the top of the pack.   I just want to finish respectfully in the middle/back of the pack:)   I hope so…….

Live, Laugh, Love

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