Say it isn’t so, Joe…..

Yesterday when I went to the gym, I checked in on how many more sessions I had for Bootcamp.   They told me that Thursday is the last day I am eligable to take class!   Nooooooooooo!!!

I was lucky enough to get two weeks free when I joined the gym and at the same time, I purchased a Groupon for 20 sessions. Sadly, I will be all used up this week. Thursday will be my last Bootcamp. Now, I could continue by paying an extra $80 a month for it bringing my membership dues up to $100 a month. I also know in the world of gym prices this in not outrageous. But as a mother of three boys involved in lots of costly activities, $80 a month covers the cost of two boys fencing for the month. I sadly, will miss it. I know that it is a fantastic workout that really kicks my butt. At the end of some classes, it is all I can do to pick myself off the mat! That’s how you know it was a good class.

I know that I won’t push myself to the limits like Bootcamp, but I will keep pushing. My 44th birthday is coming up. I’m going to get a few personal training session for it with the Bootcamp instructor. I’m hoping that she will give me some guidance how to transition from a class workout to a personal workout. Also, she knows that I”m training for the Triathlon, so maybe she can’t put me on a training schedule. I’m really not sure what to expect.

As for today, I am off to enjoy the last few days of Bootcamp. (what is wrong with me?!)

Live, Laugh, Love

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