Rest……. What is that word?

I saw this from Joyce’s Blog and I thought it looked like a good idea to try it out too. Basically, you join and post about the topic that was given for that day. No worrying about what you are going to post about that day. No editing. No wasting time as you only write for 5 minutes. No Muss. No Fuss.

Today’s topic….. Rest.


As I mother of three active boys, I don’t get as much rest as I should.   I’m not really sure that I know what it means anymore.   I feel like my life is Go, Go, Go.   Off to this activity.   Off to that.    My Little Guy is only in Kindergarten and in my town we only have half day.   And when I say half day, I really do not mean half day.   I mean till 11:20.   That means, no time at all.    I often think that next year when he is in full day, I will have more down time.   But somehow, I doubt it.    Time is like a closet.    The more room/time you have, the more you fill it up.

Then on time of my “normal” crazy routine of raising three boys with a hubby that has a very demanding job, I signed up for that Triatholan (if you didn’t already know that) and have started working out.   So my mornings are rushing to the gym to get a work out in and some evenings doing some swim training.    Why, because I’m crazy!   But so are my friends that I am doing it with, but we are the good crazy not the lock us up crazy.

So as the saying goes, there is no rest for the weary.   And, yes, sometimes I am weary.    Sometimes, I do wish that I had more time to rest, but I don’t think I can sit still for long anyway.     It’s just not in my nature.    I think there was a time that I could sit down and enjoy just sitting, but that time has come and gone.

Now don’t think that I don’t get any down time to relax and have fun.   I do.    Actually my favorite time of year is when we take our family vacation.   We go to Vermont Camping to a lake.   And on this lake I remember how to relax.   There is no cell service on this lake and we truly get a way from it all.    I have been known to sit in the hammock next to the lake waving to Dear Hubby and the boys as they go out on the boat fishing.   Don’t get much more relaxed than that!

Maybe I will be able to find those moments here at home and now that I write this, I think I will try…..

Live, Laugh, Love

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