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Getting a Little Help

Last time I met with the nutritionist, we were talking about ways that I can eat healthy without stressing out. I realized between day job, home baking business, preparing for my CDA and life in general that I have not been bringing my A game when it came to food prep at home. I’ve been in a bit of a rut. While I enjoy cooking, cooking can be time consuming and it was always at the bottom of my list. I found myself making the same meals in one formation or another week after week. This also led to something that wasn’t meeting all my nutritional goals or needs. She also suggested that I make extra portions for dinner giving me a healthier lunch option the next day. You know the whole one good choice leads to another good choice thing.

My problem was time. My problem as mentioned that I was in a rut. My problem again was getting home at almost 6:00 from work and the last thing wanting to do is spend time prepping and cooking. I also am not a big lets prep for the week kind of person. So that lead me to look for some inspiration.

Now before I go into this, I must say this is NOT a sponsored post. I wish it was, but my little blog is not catching anyones eye to say “Hey lets sponsor this woman” but if they are out there…. Go for it:). Lol


When my son was in college apartment, I signed him up for a food prep service. As his mother, I did like that besides giving him good meals,; it also taught him how to cook. I was going to use this same service, but went with a different one because I got a coupon in the mail. My bad though because at checkout, I forgot to put the code. I didn’t realize because I was getting a first time user discount. The home coupon was better, but it is what it is. Besides, the meals were just what I needed

Case in point…..

Beef Tenderloin & Balsamic Steak Sauce – Now I don’t eat meat, but I got this one for hubby and son. They both loved it. The meat was good quality and I did eat the sides of asparagus and potatoes. The dogs were sad there was not leftovers, but they did get some sauce mixed in with their dinner too. There was no complaints from anyone.

Garlic Butter Shrimp Scampi – I make scampi all the time at home, but this was nice to not have to worry about or plan and I’ve never added broccoli. Garlic bread was a nice touch to go with it.

Falafe Power Bowls – This may have been my favorite meal of the box. I’ve done falafels at home before but usually there is so much work to them that it can be overwhelming. The meal card said 15 minutes and it didn’t lie. Plus making it into a bowl with spinach adds a nice boost of natural calcium! I would definitely order this one again.

Vegan Harissa Apriocot Glazed Tofu – I did not tell hubby this was vegan only that it was tofu. shockingly my hubby who will eat tofu but usually complains, this time said Tofu was really good. So there is that. Plus he wasn’t wrong. It was delish. The tofu was firm and packaged where I didn’t need to press it. So ready to go. This dish had a lemon cilantro couscous which is something that I would never make at home. It had a good compliment to the tofu in place of a rice that I would normally make and it has better nutritional value.

Packaging was perfect where I didn’t need to worry about unboxing the second it arrived. Everything came that was needed except for things like butter and oil. Everything was really yummy. The first box, I may have over ordered with 4 meals doubling some portions for lunch. That being said, I did eat the left overs for lunch and nothing went to waste. Plus having extra for lunch beats a PB&J any day.

I adjusted portions and have a second box coming this week. I am still in need of getting out of my cooking rut. I can’t manufacture more time and I really do want to try to eat healthier. This week I am excited to be getting Toasted Coconut Tempura Shrimp and some other goodies.

Bottom line is I need the help right now and am happy to allow someone else to prep a few of my meals!

Have you ever done a food service and if so, who did you use?