What to Wear? What to Wear?

Weatherman, Weatherman, What do you see?

What is the weather going to be around me?

Well if you are on the East Coast, the answer is who the Hell knows.

weather  Every day it is something different.   We literally went from 9 degrees to 46 degrees with in a day.


Now I don’t mind running in all types of weather as you really have to do what you have to do.   Some days that might even mean hitting the treadmill, but those are rare days.    What is driving me a little batty is that every day is something different.

Case in point –  3 runs within 4 days.  Each day was something drastically different.   The last run where it was warmer, I made the mistake of checking the weather.  The weatherman lied about when the rain was coming and I got caught in a torrential rain too.  Boo, weather people.  Boo!

No Joke.

No Lie.

It is making it so hard to figure out what to run in.   Now I’m not one to be cold, but I also don’t like overdressing for a run either.   These changing temperatures are making it difficult to know what to wear.   Normally in February it is easy to know what to wear.   Layers, Layers, and then some more layers.   And while that may be true some days this February, it is not true every day.

Do I need to cover my head?    Do I need gloves today?    Do I need a jacket or will my vest be enough?

Again, who the Hell knows.

A lot also depends on pace, because with a slower pace.   Today, although not a faster pace is fast enough.

As my good friend, Genine, said as we were discussing what to wear, “No matter what I do, I will regret something along the way.”

Pretty much sums it up.   But I always go on the side of regretting wearing too much than too little.

This is why at the end of some of my races I look a little like a bag lady.

Philly Marathon

Philly Marathon

But this system works for me.   It might not work for everyone and that is what I love about running.   To each their own:)   The trick is to find out what works for you which can also change on any given day?

How do you decide what to wear?


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