You Mean I was Supposed to Train for This?

So I know that I’ve been talking A LOT about my Marine Corps Marathon training since that is my goal race this year.   I also have been focusing solely on my running.   Dabbling in some swimming here and there, but not really training.   Probably should have done a little more swimming and biking when running a Sprint Triathlon.

I’ll be honest, I was very excited about this race when I signed up.   Part of the reason was because I thought some of my girlfriends would do it again.   I’ll be honest the thought of going to the Tri alone, was sad.   I haven’t done any races on my own since the Runner’s World Hat Trick.   I’ve been very spoiled going with not just one, but usually a group of friends.   It just makes it more fun.  Going alone made me really ambivalent about the whole event because it really is a little sad going by yourself.

All By Myself.

I don’t want to be All By Myself.

But I was going with or without anyone.

Wake up at 4:00 AM to leave by 4:30.

I get in the car and the turn on the radio to Blue Oyster Cult’s Don’t Fear The Reaper

When I literally pass the gates at Sandy Hook State Park to go into the Tri, I am belting out We are the Champions.   It was almost like the local radio station knew that I needed to be charged up a little today.

At this point, I remembered why I do these things…..

I do them for me!

The rest of it is all just icing on the cake:)

Then a funny thing happened, I connected with some other friends that were doing it!

12009834_10206242003903903_2740270047709017603_n Iron Girl 2 Iron Girl Iron Girl3Even though I had “made peace” with being there alone, it was nice to have some friends there!

Now as far as the actual race went, I surprised myself.   I knew going in that I was only there to finish.   I was actually using this as my long training run.   I just wanted to be steady which I think I was.    My time was a little slower than last year, but actually not as bad as I thought.   Overall, I still rate the day as a success!

Swim 20:53

Bike 1:11:07

Run 31.53

Total Time 2:12:42

And I’ve got another medal to add to the collection!

Iron Girl 4

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