Friday Five – Where is all Your Stuff?

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5 Ways to Organize Your Fitness Gear


I would like to say this is what it looks like everyday, but it doesn’t.   This is what it looks like after a clean up.   To be honest, this is what it looks like most days.


Not too bad, but not as good as when I first organized.

Some days worse, but you don’t need to see that!

1.  Bags – different activities require different gear.  Therefore, I have these things in their own bags that I can just grab and go.   I’ve got a yoga bad, a running bag, a gym bag, and a swim bag.   Might seem overkill, but it works for me.   This way when I’m heading out I can just grab the right bag.

2.  Shoes – I don’t know a runner who only has one pair of running shoes.   Maybe this is just the runners in my circle, but most of us have several pairs of shoes.   Plus we find it hard to let go of our old ones.   I keep my shoes under my bed which is right next to the bins in the picture.   This way everything is right there for the taking.

3.  Bins, Bins, Bins – the smaller bin contains smaller things that I use all the time such as my Garmin, running hat or headbands, gels, ect

The back bin holds all my aforementioned bags.

The front bin which has a lid holds miscelanous items that I need but not every day – night running vests and lights, extra belts, ect, ect.

4.  Bags, Bags, Bags – Under my bed, behind my shoes is a bag filled with tutus ( you know I have more than one!).   In the bins, I have my extra belts in a bag, my night time running equipment in a bag, my race day stuff in a bag.   You get the idea.

5.  Clothes – Just like I have to change out my normal wardrobe by the season, I change out my running clothes by season.   Then all my running shorts, pants, shirts ect will fit into one of the bigger drawers in the dresser.   I have a hook to hang vests and jackets above the bins.

My goal is to keep everything contained and out of the way.   There is a method to my madness to because if it’s left out hubby might actually see how much stuff I have.   Then he might begin to ask questions.   What he doesn’t know, he doesn’t need to know:)

Where is all your stuff?

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